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Mountain Peaks Dog Treats

Your dog is the heart of our business!


Nancy Dauwen (owner/operator)

About Mountain

Peaks Dog Treats

Mountain Peaks Dog Treats was founded in Flagstaff, Arizona out of a desire to make high-quality, 100% all natural, grain and gluten free scrumptious dog treats suitable for all dogs.

I have had many dogs of differing sizes and breeds all my life. They have been loved deeply and have been an integral part of my family. Their health and happiness have always been of great importance to me.

Like many people I used to buy my dog treats from pet stores. I started to read the ingredients and do some research and I became alarmed that many of the manufactured dog treats were loaded with salt, sugar, artificial preservatives, additives and artificial flavoring and coloring. So I decided to start making my own dog treats that are 100% natural, nutritious and delicious.


Part of my family includes my two young dogs. Cooper is an energetic and fun loving Rat Terrier and Salli is our sweet little rescue girl who is a Chihuahua and Rat Terrier mix. Both have sensitive digestive systems and Salli is a picky eater, but they both love our treats and their digestive issue are a thing of the past!

We all live busy lives and baking your own dog treats is not always feasible. We would love to make dog treats for you so you can give your furry family member the best treats they deserve.

Our Products

All of our treats are human grade, free from additives, fillers, and artificial preservatives.

We use garbanzo bean flour in all our dog biscuits. This flour is grain free, gluten free, high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, while low in calories. We hand mix, roll and cut our biscuits and once baked they are gently dehydrated to assure your dog has a dry, tasty and crunchy treat.

Our jerky is made from fresh, high quality chicken breasts. They are cleaned, seasoned using natural preservatives, dehydrated, then baked in the oven to ensure freshness.